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Pièces pour orgue


 Jean-Nicolas Marrigues :
Organ works
One volume 10” × 12½”
62 pages
Euros 44.-

Jean-Nicolas Marrigues (1757 † 1834) was organist at the cathedral of Versailles until the Revolution, then he came to Paris and became organist of the new organ of St.Thomas Aquinus, that of St.Nicolas-des Champs and of St.Gervais (after the death of the last Couperin).  All these instruments had been rebuilt by Clicquot and were taken in charge by the Dallerys who made works of variable importance.  Marrigues then had the most beautiful organs at his disposal, and his music suits them perfectly.  He was a great friend of Lasceux, and taught at the Institut des Jeunes Aveugles (Institute for young blind people).  He left about thirty unpublished works, and here is their complete first edition.
Much involved with fugue, Marrigues goes further than his collegues here.  As with J.-J. Beauvarlet, several of his fugues are not planned for the Reeds.  The subjects he uses are far to be ordinary and elements of counter-subjects and strettos can be found.  Marrigues made copies of several fugues from Bach's Well-Tempered Keyboard.  His deputy organist at St.Gervais, Boély, will follow him on this way.

Fugue sur le Kyrie des Solennels majeurs
Fugue pour le Kyrie des Solennels mineurs
Fugue (e minor)
Fugato (f major)
Fugato (c minor)
Fugato (g major)
Duo (g minor)
Grand-chœur (g minor)
Fugato (d major)
Fugato (d minor)
Fugato (c minor)
[Piece in e flat major]
Dialogue (duo in c major)
Grand-chœur (a minor)
Chœur de Cromorne
Grand-chœur (a major)
Duo ou dialogue (a major)
Grand-chœur (g major)
Grand-chœur (d major)
Cantabile de Cromorne
     ou de Voix humaine avec les Fonds
Récit de Hautbois
Récit de Nazard
Clairon avec les Fonds
Noël (Or nous dites Marie)
Grand-chœur (e flat major, arranged
     by L. Dietsch)
Pastorale (for the piano)
Critical notes

If you want to know everything about the French post-classical organ, the main organists, the instruments, the style, the interpretation rules, the notation features, the registrations, etc, see in our catalogue : Nicolas Gorenstein, The French post-classical organ, from the Concert Spirituel to Cavaillé-Coll or get straight to the detail of it.

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