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Du Concert Spirituel
à Cavaillé-Coll

 Nicolas Gorenstein :
The French post-classical organ — From the Concert Spirituel to Cavaillé-Coll
One volume 8¼” × 11¾”
61 pages
Euros 26.-

First issued as a set of much noticed articles, this brilliant book of musicology was the first (and remains the only one) to deeply analyse the French post-classical period, which spreads roughly from Dandrieu’s death (the last classic) to Cesar Franck’s first works, that is to say nearly a hundred years.  The book shows that, despite the common idea in many minds, the area of the French organ during the second half of XVIIIth and the first half of XIXth centuries is neither a desert, nor a dull period with no value.  Thus the first pieces by Franck, which used to appear, to some organists’ eyes, as a sudden miracle giving back, at last, a valuable life to the organ, are in fact the outcome and the consequence of a whole art which came before.
This book describes all this period in detail, and also explains why it remained despised and underrated for such a long time by musicologists and organists.  As during the baroque times, some ‘keys’ given by the authors themsleves are actually needed to understand and play their scores.
For a complete knowledge of the post-classical period, the organists, the instruments, the style, the interpretation rules, the stop settings.  Greeted by the musical press as soon as it was issued, and widely quoted by specialists.

A perfect sound illustration of this book may be fond on the double CD recorded by Nicolas Gorenstein on four magnificent organs, published by Syrius / Agence Culturelle Ville de Paris, available at every good record dealer and also at Chanvrelin.  See our catalog at CD The Parisian post-classical organists or get straight to the detail of this CD.

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