{ Lasceux : Pièces pour orgue }
Pièces pour orgue


 Guillaume Lasceux :
Organ works
Two volumes 9½ × 13
  • Volume 1 = 46 pages, Euros 37.-
  • Volume 2 = 46 pages, Euros 37.-

Guillaume Lasceux (1740 1831) is one of the outstanding characters of the French post-classical organ.  He used to be the organist of the church of Saint-Etienne du Mont in Paris during sixty years.  Besides his numerous publications, he left several unpublished manuscripts of highest interest.  Among his works, which remained in the shade for a long time, one may find amazing pieces as the large Quatuor (quartet), splendid Voix humaines (Lasceux is a great specialist of this type of piece), or pulsating Grands-churs which make a wide use of all keyboards.
Chanvrelin also issued another volume by Lasceux, his Noëls for the organ (see our catalog).
    Volume 1
Chur en Rondo
Voix humaine
Cromorne en taille
Récit de Hautbois et de Voix humaine
Sacris Solemniis (Plain-chant)
Fugue pour lhymne Sacris Solemniis
Critical notes
    Volume 2
 Cromorne, Clairon avec les Fonds
Récit de Cromorne
Cromorne avec les Fonds
Grand Jeu
Voix humaine
Clairon et Cromorne avec les Fonds
Pange Lingua (Plain-chant)
Cromorne et Clairon avec les Fonds
Ave Mars Stella (Plain-chant)
Voix humaine
Tous les Fonds, le Clairon et le Cromorne
Grand Jeu
Simphonie Concertante
Voix humaine
Grand Jeu
Grand Jeu
Benedicamus (Plain-chant)
Grand Jeu en rondeau
Critical notes

Several works of Lasceux were recorded by Nicolas Gorenstein on a double CD (first world recordings - and only ones, up to now), produced by Syrius and the Cultural Agency of the Ville de Paris, available in every good record-dealer and also at Chanvrelin.  See in our catalogue : CD The Parisian post-classical organists or get straight to the detail of it.

If you want to know everything about the French post-classical organ, the main organists, the instruments, the style, the interpretation rules, the notation features, the registrations, etc, see in our catalogue : Nicolas Gorenstein, The French post-classical organ, from the Concert Spirituel to Cavaillé-Coll or get straight to the detail of it.

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