{ Lasceux : Noëls pour orgue }
Noëls pour orgue


 Guillaume Lasceux :
Noels for the organ
One volume 10” × 12½”
50 pages
Euros 39.-

One of the major Masters of the French post-classical organ, Lasceux (1740 † 1831) was the famous organist of Saint-Etienne du Mont in Paris during sixty years.  Besides numerous publications, he left at least two unpublished manuscripts of highest interest.
Based on the celebrated themes used by the Dandrieus, Daquin or Balbastre, the eighteen Noëls of this volume show variations in changing moods (cheerful or tender, dreamy or brilliant), in a style which differs from that of his famous predecessors, and which spread from a single page up to an imposing set of eighteen variations.
An indispensable volume which efficiently renews the enjoyable repertoire of the French Noëls for the organ.
Chanvrelin has also issued a second volume by Lasceux, his Organ works (see our catalog).
Quoi ma voisine es-tu fâchée
Joseph est bien marié - Duo
Où s’en vont ces gais bergers
Joseph est bien marié
Je me suis levé par un matinet
Or nous dites Marie
A la venue de Noël
Vous qui désirez sans fin
Une jeune fillette
Noël suisse
Où s’en vont ces gais bergers - Offertoire
Chantons je vous en prie - Duo
Si c’est pour ôter la vie
Pour l’amour de Marie - Elévation
Quoi ma voisine es-tu fâchée
A minuit fut fait un réveil
Quand Dieu naquit à Noël
Critical notes

If you want to know everything about the French post-classical organ, the main organists, the instruments, the style, the interpretation rules, the notation features, the registrations, etc, see in our catalogue : Nicolas Gorenstein, The French post-classical organ, from the Concert Spirituel to Cavaillé-Coll or get straight to the detail of it.

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