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Pièces pour orgue


Beauvarlet-Charpentier :
Organ works
One volume 10” × 12½”
46 pages
Euros 39.-

Taught by his father, Jacques-Marie Beauvarlet-Charpentier (1766 † 1834) was organist at St-Victor, then at St-Germain des Prés and finally at St-Eustache, where in 1820 he supervised a restauration already calling for future (gamba-styled stops, Swell of fifty-four notes in swell-box).  Among his works, typically post-classical, one may find large Processionnal Marches with ‘military’ and ‘religious’ passages in turn, and also the first Sorties in the French organ History.
As other musicians in these times, in order to celebrate the victories of General Bonaparte, emperor Napoleon to be, Beauvarlet-fils also wrote a large Victory of the Army in Italy which makes use of every availability of the organ to show the battle, with marches, famous revolutionnary hymns, sudden attacks, canon shots, arrival of reinforcements, horse charges, escape of ennemies.  The result is Hollywoodian.
1re Marche pour les Processions
2e Marche pour les Processions
Veni Creator (four verses)
1re Sortie de Chœur
2e Sortie de Chœur
Récit de Flûtes
Cromorne et Clairons avec les Fonds
Victoire de l’Armée d’Italie
Critical Notes


A volume of Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier’s works (Jacques-Marie’s father), who followed D’Aquin at St-Paul and at Notre-Dame of Paris, is also available at Chanvrelin.  See in our catalogue :Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier : Organ works or get straight to the detail of it.


If you want to know everything about the French post-classical organ, the main organists, the instruments, the style, the interpretation rules, the notation features, the registrations, etc, see in our catalogue : Nicolas Gorenstein, The French post-classical organ, from the Concert Spirituel to Cavaillé-Coll or get straight to the detail of it.

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