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Nicolas Gorenstein
Jacques Boyvin :
Une Introduction à
ses deux Livres d’Orgue


 Nicolas Gorenstein :
Jacques Boyvin : An Introduction to both his Organ Books
One volume 5¾” × 8¼”
47 pages
Euros 8.-

Boyvin (±1650 † 1706) is one of the most outstanding character of the French classical organ.  He was organist of the cathedral of Rouen from 1674 to his death.  He is one of the very few organists outside the capital (but much in contact with Paris) whom the music is known.
This Introduction describes everything that one must know about Boyvin when tackling and playing his music with the needed informations for a satisfactory and exact interpretation : his life, the strange story of his appointment in Rouen, his two Books and his other works, the successive specifications of his organ and of those he met, his style, his registrations, his ornaments, the fundamental Forewords which come at the beginning of both Books, etc.
The ideal and essential complement of Boyvin’s Second Organ Book published by Chanvrelin (see our catalog).

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