{ Fessy : Organ Works }
Pièces pour orgue


 Charles-Alexandre Fessy :
Organ works
One volume 10” × 12½”
26 pages
Euros 29.-

Fessy (1804 † 1856) was the main challenger of Lefébure-Wély.  He wan a First Prize of Organ in Benoist’s famous class at the Conservatoire (see our catalogue), and he became the first organist of the Madeleine in Paris. Then he exchanged his tribune with Lefébure’s one at Saint-Roch, and remained there until his death.  Apart from his organ activities, Fessy was conductor at the National Gard of Paris.  He had a good knowledge of brass instruments (he even wrote a method for the saxhorn) and his organ music takes full benefit of his science of tones.
One of the last characters of the French post-classical style, Fessy makes the organ sound great, and however his works are easy to play.  His Offertoires and his Grands-chœurs are among the most impressive of this time.
Chœur de Clairon
Critical notes

Ch. Fessy’s music was recorded by Nicolas Gorenstein on a double CD (first - et only at this day - word recording), produced by Syrius and Cultural Agency of the Ville de Paris, available in every good record-dealer and also at Chanvrelin.  See in our catalogue : CD The Parisian post-classical organists or get straight to the detail of it.

If you want to know everything about the French post-classical organ, the main organists, the instruments, the style, the interpretation rules, the notation features, the registrations, etc, see in our catalogue : Nicolas Gorenstein, The French post-classical organ, from the Concert Spirituel to Cavaillé-Coll or get straight to the detail of it.

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