{ Jacques Boyvin : Cinq Hymnes }
Cinq Hymnes


 Jacques Boyvin :
Five Hymns
One volume 9½” × 13”
24 pages
Euros 29.00

These unpublished works come from a manuscript owned by the Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library, University of California, Berkeley.  Up to now they were ascribed to Lebègue, but in fact, in all likelihood, they are by Jacques Boyvin (±1650 † 1706).  The foreword of this edition actually provides an impressive number of comparisons with pieces from Boyvin’s organ books which leave not much doubt.
Planned for a rather medium-sized instrument (two manuals and a few pedals used in cadences), these verses without difficulties are a remarkable step between those by Nivers and Grigny, and Boyvin’s style, brilliant and moving in turn, is quite efficient. Three hymns may have been written for a convent.

     Ave maris stella
          Dialogue à deux chœurs
     Ave verum
          [Plain chant]
          Dialogue à deux chœurs
     Victimæ Paschali
          [Plain chant]
          Dessus de Tierce
          Diminution de Basse
          Fond d’orgue
     Pange lingua
          Plain chant
          Fond d’orgue pour Amen
     Veni Creator
          [Plain chant]
          Récit de mouvement
          Petit dialogue
     Critical Notes

Boyvin’s superb Second Organ Book is also available at Chanvrelin.  See our catatalog at Jacques Boyvin, Second Organ Book or get straight to the detail of it).
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