{ Batiste: Simple organ works }
Pièces simples pour orgue
op. 24


 Edouard Batiste :
Simple works for the organ
Four volumes 9½ × 13
  • Opus 24 : 58 pages, Euros 43.00
  • Opus 25 : 66 pages, Euros 45.00
  • Opus 42 : 66 pages, Euros 45.00
  • Opus 43 : 66 pages, Euros 45.00

After being in charge of the organ at the church of Saint-Nicolas des Champs in Paris, Batiste (1820 1876) was the celebrated organist of Saint-Eustache during more than twenty years.  The organ had just been entirely rebuilt by Ducroquet in the famous case by Baltard (still there now), and used the latest features of organ building : four manuals, Barker lever, Reeds ventils, broad Récit with swell box and 16ft stops, large Pedal with 32ft stops.
Aside of his large organ works, Batiste wrote shorter pieces with no technical difficulty as Offertoires, Communions, Verses etc, using the usual romantic registrations (various Foundations, Full organ, Vox humana, Oboe...) with an elementary optional Pedal.  Elegantly set out, they provide numerous and beautiful discoveries.

Opus 24
N° 1.   Entrée de Procession (Full)
N° 2.   Offertoire (Full)
N° 3.   Elévation (All 8ft Foundations)
N° 4.   Communion (Vox humana)
N° 5.   Sortie (Full)
N° 6.   Antienne (All Foundations with no 4ft)
N° 7.   Antienne (Oboe solo)
N° 8.   Antienne (Cromorne with Foundations)
N° 9.   Antienne (Harmonic Flute solo)
N° 10. Antienne (Full)
N° 11. Verset (All 8ft Foundations)
N° 12. Verset (Musette)
N° 13. Verset (Vox humana)
N° 14. Verset (Great Trumpet solo)
N° 15. Verset (Full)
N° 16. Prélude (All Foundations)
N° 17. Prélude (All Foundations and Plein-jeu)
N° 18. Prélude (Cromorne or Clarinet solo)
N° 19. Sortie (Full)
N° 20. Entrée de Procession (Full)
N° 21. Graduel (Celeste)
N° 22. Graduel (Vox humana)
N° 23. Offertoire (Full)
N° 24. Elévation (Oboe and Clarinet duet)
N° 25. Communion (Soft 8ft Foundations)
Critical Notes
Opus 25
N° 26. Marche funèbre
N° 27. Entrée de procession (Full)
N° 28. Graduel (Oboe and all 8ft Foundations)
N° 29. Offertoire (Full)
N° 30. Elévation (Vox humana)
N° 31. Communion (All 8ft Foundations)
N° 32. Sortie-marche (Full)
N° 33. Prélude (All Foundations)
N° 34. Prélude (All Foundations and Plein-jeu)
N° 35. Prélude (Oboe solo)
N° 36. Prélude (8ft Flute)
N° 37. Antienne (Full)
N° 38. Antienne (Nazard with all Foundations)
N° 39. Antienne (Cor anglais solo)
N° 40. Antienne (Clarinet solo)
N° 41. Verset (Full)
N° 42. Verset (8ft Bourdons and harmonic Flutes)
N° 43. Verset (Vox humana)
N° 44. Verset (8ft Flutes)
N° 45. Entrée de Procession (Full)
N° 46. Graduel (Celeste)
N° 47. Offertoire (Full)
N° 48. Elévation (Oboe solo)
N° 49. Communion (All soft 8ft Foundations)
N° 50. Ite missa est (All 4-8-16-32ft Foundations)
Critical Notes
Opus 42
N° 1.   Entrée de Procession (Full)
N° 2.   Graduel (8ft Foundations)
N° 3.   Offertoire (Soft 8ft Foundations, Oboe and Tremulant)
N° 4.   Elévation (Clarinet or Oboe solo)
N° 5.   Communion (8ft Foundations and Gambas)
N° 6.   Sortie (Full)
N° 7.   Verset (8ft and 16ft Foundations)
N° 8.   Prélude (8ft Foundations and Cromorne)
N° 9.   Prélude (All Foundations and Plein-jeu)
N° 10. Prélude (Oboe solo)
N° 11. Grand Offertoire (Full)
N° 12. Verset (8ft Foundations)
N° 13. Elévation (Vox humana)
N° 14. Antienne (Full)
N° 15. Communion (Soft 8ft Foundations, Oboe and Tremulant)
N° 16. Verset (Full)
N° 17. Petit Offertoire (All 8ft and 16ft Foundations)
N° 18. Elévation (Soft 8ft Foundations)
N° 19. Antienne (Full)
N° 20. Antienne (Musette)
N° 21. Entrée de procession (Full)
N° 22. Offertoire (Soft 8ft Foundations / Vox humana)
N° 23. Elévation (Clarinet or Oboe solo)
N° 24. Communion (Soft 8ft Foundations / Celeste)
N° 25. Sortie (Full)
Critical Notes
Opus 43
N° 26. Marche (Full)
N° 27. Verset (8ft Foundations)
N° 28. Antienne (Full)
N° 29. Antienne (Clarinet and oboe duet)
N° 30. Antienne (Vox humana)
N° 31. Antienne (Foundations and Plein-jeu)
N° 32. Procession (Full)
N° 33. Graduel (Harmonic Flute solo)
N° 34. Offertoire (Full)
N° 35. Elévation (Soft 8ft Foundations, Oboe and Tremulant)
N° 36. Communion (All 8ft Foundations)
N° 37. Sortie-Fugue (Full)
N° 38. Antienne (Soft 8ft Foundations)
N° 39. Graduel (4ft, 8ft, 16ft, 32ft Foundations and Nazard)
N° 40. Prélude (16ft Foundations)
N° 41. Prélude (Clarinet or Oboe solo)
N° 42. Prélude (Plein-jeu)
N° 43. Marche (Full)
N° 44. Offertoire (Full)
N° 45. Communion (Soft 8ft Foundations)
N° 46. Petit Offertoire (Full)
N° 47. Elévation (Oboe solo)
N° 48. Communion (Vox humana)
N° 49. Verset-Fuguette (Full and Plein-jeu)
N° 50. Verset (All Foundations)
Critical Notes

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