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Pièces d’orgue


 Edouard Batiste :
Organ Works
One volume 10” × 12½”
62 pages
Euros 43.-

After being in charge of the organ at the church of Saint-Nicolas des Champs in Paris, Batiste (1820 † 1876) was the celebrated organist of Saint-Eustache during more than twenty years.  The organ had just been entirely rebuilt in the famous case by Baltard (still there now), and used the latest features of organ building : four manuals, Barker lever, Reeds ventils, broad Récit with swell box, large Pedal with 32’.
Batiste’s music, with no playing difficulty, makes a large use the numerous abilities of the ‘modern’ organ and lets it sound in a much impressive way while using much simple but much efficient process : flabbergasting crescendos, wide deep pedal, unexpected tone-effects.  Everything that one likes about organ !  The final result is fascinating.

Offertoire (F major)
Offertoire (E major)
Offertoire (A minor)
Offertoire (E flat major)
Offertoire (B minor) (Toccata)
Elévation (E flat major)
Offertoire (A minor)
Offertoire (G major)
Untitled piece (E minor)
Critical notes

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