{ Edouard Souberbielle }
Nicolas Gorenstein

Edouard Souberbielle,
un Maître

 Préface d’Alexis Galpérine


 Nicolas Gorenstein :
Edouard Souberbielle, a Master
Foreword by Alexis Galpérine
(in French)
One volume 5¾” × 8¼”
67 pages
Euros 9.00

During the main part of the XXth century, organ teaching in France can be characterized by three names : Marcel Dupré, concerned by mechanical virtuosity and technical perfection ; André Marchal, who tried to make the classical and romantic repertoire having advantage of the abilities of the modern (neoclassical) organ ; et Edouard Souberbielle, the first in France to state that, in order to play ancien music, one needed ancient documents, ancient organs and ancient articulations.  Among the three he was the one who remained the less known by the public, and however was, even before World War II, at the beginning of the large renewal in the 70’s-80’s : Chapuis, Isoir and so many others were his students during several years and owe him the major artistic part of their musical education.
His grandson Alexis Galpérine, professor of violin at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM), wrote a book devoted to him (Editions Delatour-France) mixing biography, documents, comments and testimonies.  One chapter was written by N. Gorenstein (who was his last long-time student) and analyzes the art of this uncommon Master from inside, explaining with numerous examples how he thought about music, how he used to conceive his interpretatons, build his work as a musician and transmit all this to his students.  This text is republished here as a separate book, with some addings and necessary corrections.

(Published with kind permission of Editions Delatour-France.)

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