{ Rivière : Noels }
Trois Noëls en Variations


 Germain Rivière :
Three Varied Noels
One volume 9½” × 13”
42 pages
Euros 37.-

Upgrade your Christmas repertoire !
These three sets of variations by Germain Rivière (1907 † 1983) are written on two Christmas carols : Ding dong Merrily in High and Good King Wenceslas, and on a Noël from Provence also known in Spain : La Jambe me fait mal, which can be found in many old collections, as Saboly’s book.
The music, quite singing, with subtle harmonies, is much attractive.  Rivière makes use of many variation processes and registrations, which as a result give three independant and very lively suites.  All the colours of the organ are requested in turn : foundations, mixtures of all kinds, strings, various reeds, flutes, plenums, shown to advantage by a suitable scoring.  A rare book, with no equivalent.
Chanvrelin also publishes another volume by Rivière, Four Organ Works (see our catalogue).
   Ding dong Merrily in High
        1. Quick and cheerful
        2. Slower and gentle
        3. Quick and brilliant
        4. Merrily
        5. Calm
        6. Merrily
        7. A bit slow
        8. Slow, slured, smooth
        9. Quick
      10. Still quick
      11. Saltarello
   Good King Wenceslas
        1. Dancing
        2. Same tempo
        3. Light, cheerful
        4. Same tempo
        5. Quitely, keeping the beat
        6. Not too fast but not straggling
        7. Slow
        8. Joyful
        9. Broadly
      10. Mysterious, diaphanous, clock-like
      11. Tempo of beginning
   La Jambe me fait mal
        1. Hornpipe
        2. Gentle, a bit slower
        3. Rather slow
        4. Lullaby
        5. Mischievous, fanciful, molto rubato
        6. Melancholic, flowing, with no hurry
        7. Tenderly
        8. Lively and bouncing
        9. Mysterious, motionless
      10. Allegro

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