{ Works from the Renaissance }
Pièces de la

pour orgue

 Works from the Renaissance
for the organ
One volume 10” × 12½”
38 pages
Euros 35.-

Thirty-six French, German and English master-pieces, remaining unfoundable until now, or only in monumental editions, very expensive and difficult to handle.
Easy to play, these clear works are short and with repeats.  They need only one manual and no obliged pedal, and allow many registrations.  Thus they may be played in a lot of circumstances (concert, offices, teaching).  They splendidly show the organ to advantage and their charm seduces any listener.
The volume encloses in particular Costeley’s Fantasy (his only work known for the organ), pieces by Gervaise, Atteingnant’s anonymous, works from German tablatures, the delightful My Lady Careys Dompe, the splendid Upon La Mi Re, and many more.
Prélude (Anonymous)
Fantaisie (Costeley)
Deux Branles de Champagne (Gervaise)
Branle (Anonymous)
Gaillarde (Anonymous)
Branle (Gervaise)
Bransle gay (Anonymous)
Branle de Champagne (Gervaise)
Gaillarde (Gervaise)
Branle de Champagne (Gervaise)
Gaillarde (Anonymous)
Branle (Gervaise)
Tant que vivray (Sermisy)
Branle de Champagne (Gervaise)
Pavane d'Angleterre et Gaillarde (Gervaise)
Intrade (Anonymous)
Ein Fürstlicher schöner Hofdantz (Schmid le Vieux)
La Corante du roy (Schmid le Vieux)
Ein guer neuer Dantz - Du hast mich
          wöllen nemmen (Schmid le Vieux)
Ronde et Saltarelle (Susato)
Chi paßa per questa strada (Löffelholtz)
Schirazula Marazula (Paix)
Gaillarde (Anonymous)
Ein gut Welish Tentzlein (Newsiedler)
Ungarescha und Saltarello (Paix)
Juden Tanz (Newsiedler)
Ein schöner Englischer Dantz (Schmid le Vieux)
Wer das Töchter haben wil (Ammerbach)
Fürstliche Abfünge vom Tantz (Nörmiger)
Alemando novelle - Ein guter
          neuer Dantz (Schmid le Vieux)
Wie schön Bluet uns der Maye (Schmid le Vieux)
My Lady Careys Dompe (Anonymous)
Upon la mi re (Anonymous)
Pavana (Gibbons)
La Shy Myze (Anonymous)
La Donne Cella (Anonymous)
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