{ Raison : Second Book }
Second Livre d’orgue


 André Raison :
Second Organ Book
One volume 9½” × 13”
56 pages
Euros 42.00

    Raison’s Second Organ Book is the last truely classical book in the French organ history.  It was issued in 1714 and looks different from the others : instead of verses for the Mass, the hymns or the Magnificat, or even of Suites grouped by key, it contains the largest classical Offertoire ever composed (three hundred and ninety bars), followed by a fine set of eighteen Noels with variations, often in a personal manner (special bar deals, theme in the tenor part, etc).  Raison adds a Plein-jeu and a large fugue on the old anthem Da pacem Domine, and a bonus, a nice Allemande for harpsichord.
    Raison’s very specific style, which appeared in the First Book, is here again and can be noticed in his harmony, his ornamentation, his melodic turns and his sense of good-sounding on the organ.  But this Second Book, by some aspects, provides a few mysteries to the modern reader.  The foreword studies them and suggests possible explanations, and the Critical notes spots every problem met in the original so the performer knows exactly what appears in the first edition.


   Petit Plein-jeu
   Fugue sur Da pacem Domine
   Prélude en bécarre
   First Fugue
   Second Fugue
   La Paix
   Vive le Roy
   Allemande grave
   A la venue de Noël
   Voicy le jour solennel
   Joseph est bien marié
   Or nous dites Marie
   Une jeune pucelle
   Noël poitevin
   Où s’en vont ces gais bergers
   Laissez paître vos bêtes
   Vous qui désirez sans fin
   O Dieu ! que n’étois-je en vie ! Ou bien
      que n’étois-je ici
   O Créateur
   Les Bourgeois de Châtres
   Noël des Saints Innocents
   Puer nobis nascitur
   Quoy ! ma voisine
   A minuit fut fait un réveil
   Vous qui désirez sans fin
   Noël cette journée
   Critical Notes


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