{ Marpurg : Fugues and Caprices }
Friedrich Wilhelm
Fugues et Caprices


 Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg :
Fugues and Capriccios
One volume 9½” × 13”
34 pages
Euros 34.-

F.W. Marpurg (1718 † 1795) was a great admirer of Bach and one of the major leader of the musical life in Berlin during the second half of the XVIIIth century.  He learnt the organ and the harpsichord, and in 1746 he went to Paris where he discovered Rameau’s music and the Encyclopedists.  On the request of C.P.E. Bach, he wrote the foreword for the first edition of the Art of Fugue, and he dedicated his own Fugues and Capriccios to him (original title : Fughe e Capricci pel’ Clavicembalo ò per l’Organo).
Every piece is composed in a common key, easy to play, with no obliged pedal, with free registration.  This set makes a remarquable compromise between the traditionnal German counterpoint and the new classical Viennese language.


 I. Preludio
 II. Capriccio
 III. Fuga a 4 voci
 IV. Fuga a 2 voci
 V. Fuga a 3 voci
 VI. Capriccio
 VII. Fuga a 4 voci
 VIII. Fuga a 3 voci
 IX. Fuga a 2 voci
 X. Fuga a 4 voci  
 Critical Notes

Two other volumes by Marpurg are also available at Chanvrelin.  See in our catalogue : Marpurg, Essays on figured Chorales or get straight to the detail of it.
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