{ Lemaigre: Organ works }
Pièces pour orgue


 Edmond Lemaigre :
Organ works
Two volumes 9½ × 13
  • Volume 1 = 46 pages, Euros 42.-
  • Volume 2 = 44 pages, Euros 41.-

Born in 1849 at Clermont-Ferrand, Lemaigre was the first organist of the large Merklin organ in the cathedral of Clermont.  He had been taught in Paris by Batiste and made all his career in his native town where he was one of the major actor of the musical life.  His works for the organ take much advantage of the romantic tones, sometimes in original and unexpected ways (specifications with missing ranks, solo of Voix celeste, etc).  Guilmant invited him several times to come and play his pieces on the celebrated organ of the Trocadero ; one of them is dedicated to César Franck and includes amusing passages in the style of.  Lemaigre died in 1890 at Clermont, the same year as Franck ; he was forty-one.
    Marche solennelle
    Critical notes
    Four verses from the Magnificat in F major :
        Andantino (#2)
        Grand Chur (#3)
        Voix humaine (#4)
        Voix céleste (#5)
    Fragment symphonique
    Four verses from the Magnificat in d minor :
        Grand Chur (#1)
        Voix céleste (#2)
        Grand Chur (#3)
        Adagio (#5)
    Prélude (c minor)
    Prélude (F major)
    Critical notes

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