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Pièces pour orgue et instrument


 Johann-Ludwig Krebs :
Works for organ and instrument
One volume 9½” × 13”
44 pages + 8 pages
Euros 36.-

In most works of the XVIIIth century for organ and instrument, the organ is just required to realise the continuo, or takes place for a harpsichord previously planned by the composer.  Those with a specially wanted organ, truely as a soloist (at least on the same level as that of the other instrument), are rare.  This is the case for these works by Krebs, one among Bach’s best known students, who left several Chorales and quite successful Fantasies (including the famous Fantasy in f minor) for this setting.
Most of the time, Krebs asks for an oboe, but sometimes too for a trumpet or a horn.  In fact, the non-organ part is always extremely simple, and any wind instrument can play it.  It could even be carried out on a separate keyboard of the organ, by calling for a ‘friendly hand’, as used to say nicely the French classical musicians.
The volume includes a separate part of each work for the additionnal instrument.

Fantasy in f minor
Fantasy in F major
Chorale : Es ist gewißlich an der Zeit
Chorale : Herr Jesu Chrsit, meines Lebens Licht
Chorale : Ich hab in Gottes Herz und Sinn
Chorale : In allen meinen Taten
Chorale : Komm, Heiliger Geist
Chorale : Jesu meine Freude
Chorale : Kommt her zu mir
Chorale : Meine Seel ermunter dich

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