{ G.F. Haendel : Six Fugues }
Georg Frideric 
Six Fugues pour orgue


 Georg Frideric Haendel :
Six Fugues for the organ
One volume 9½” × 13”
26 pages
Euros 31.-

Haendel (1685 † 1759), a brillant organist in Germany, did not find instruments in England to suit his skills.  However he choosed to come back to the organ to avoid going bankrupt, and to achieve this he masterly used the kind of instrument he had at his disposal.  That’s why his works for the organ are so unexpected : on one hand the Concertos, on the other this single volume for organ alone.  (A second volume including Voluntaries is of much doubtful authenticity.)
These six magnificent fugues make various problems arise.  Haendel’s manuscript has survived, but it shows differences with the original edition.  Some fugues, though without pedals (in order to match the English organs of the time), seem to have been thought first with a pedal part.  One fugue was already used before by Haendel, and several others will appear again in following works.  Other questions crop out, and the Foreword with the Critical Notes review the situation.

Fugue I (G minor)
Fugue II (G major)
Fugue III (B flat major)
Fugue IV (E minor)
Fugue V (A minor)
Fugue VI (C minor)
Critical Notes

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