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Six Offertoires


 Marius Gueit :
Six characteristic Offertories
One volume 9½” × 13”
36 pages
Euros 33.-

Marius Gueit (1808 † 1864), blind form birth, was first the organist of the church of Saint-Paterne in Orléans, then of Saint-Denis du Saint-Sacrement in Paris.  He was also cellist and teacher at the Young Blind Institute.  He wrote vocal music and keybord pieces (piano, harmonium, organ) among which these noteworthy Six Offertories, a perfect testimony ot the art of French organ at the middle of XIXth century.
The organ of Saint-Denis, which these pieces were designed for, was build by Daublaine & Callinet two years before Cavaillé-Coll’s first large instrument in the basilica with the same name, and already showed elements of the future : large Swell with fifty-four keys in a Swell-box, stops with harmonium-type reeds, Gambas 8’ and 4’, Vox humana in Swell...  Gueit’s music, serious but pleasant, allows to take advantage of these new features.
First modern edition, including a foreword about Gueit’s life, his various organs, etc, and complete critical notes at the end of the book.

1st Offertory (d minor)
2nd Offertory (A major)
3rd Offertory (E flat major)
4th Offertory (g minor)
5th Offertory (F major)
6th Offertoire (F major)
Critical Notes

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