{ Gigault: Noëls }


 Nicolas Gigault :
Two volumes 9½ × 13
  • Volume 1 (First part) = 34 pages, Euros 38.-
  • Volume 2 (Second part) = 24 pages, Euros 34.-

Nicolas Gigault (1627 1707) is still not very familiar to musicians.  He was in charge of the organs of the church Saint Nicolas des Champs and of the abbey Saint Martin des Champs (fifty meters from each other) and he was among the celebrated organists of his time.  Though he died at eighty, he only left a large Organ book and this volume (in two parts) which happens to be the very first Book of Noels for the French organ.  It contains variations on fourteen Noels in a style which is not yet that of the XVIIIth century (Dandrieu, etc) but attests a quite special interest for musical scoring.
This work also includes verses on the hymn Conditor and on the old sequence Mittit ad Virginem (both for Advent), and a beautiful Allemande for harpsichord written in two versions, one simple and the other ornemented with ports-de-voix in order to teach the performer how to do.
In this volume Gigault requires only two manuals (he will be the first to ask for four in his Organ book...).
Apart from a few pieces this Book had never been republished since its first issue in 1682, from which only one known copy survives.


Volume 1 : First part
      Quand par son orgueil Lucifer
      A la venue de Noël
      Voici le jour solennel
      Une Vierge pucelle
      Or nous dites Marie
      Or voilà Noël passé
      Etant César Auguste
      Peuples catholiques
      Critical Notes
Volume 2 : Second part
      Mittit ad Virginem
      Laissez paître vos bêtes
      Où s'en vont ces gais bergers
      Chantons je vous prie Noël
      Noël pour l'amour de Marie
      Les bourgeois de Chastres
      Vous qui désirez sans fin
      Critical Notes

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