{ J.C.F. Fischer : Blumen Strauss }
Johann Caspar Ferdinand
Blumen Strauss


 Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer :
Blumen Strauss
One volume 9½” × 13”
42 pages
Euros 41.-

J.C.F. Fischer (1656 † 1746) was Kappelmeister of the margrave of Baden and composed numerous works, a large part of which is lost.  From him two volumes for the organ are known : the Ariadne Musica and the Blumen Strauss.
This Blumen Strauss (‘Bunch of flowers’) is made of eight suites, each including a Prelude, six little Fugues and a Finale, composed in the eight church tones following the Gallican classification.  Fischer was familiar with French music and it is probable, as the foreword explains, that he had in mind the Suites for the Magnificat currently used in France at the same time.  Despite the title (actually modified by the original publisher) which seems to mean an anthology of disparate pieces, it is a highly structured volume.
Simple to perform but perfectly written, nearly without Pedals (three or four held notes in the whole book), these works can be played on any organ, welcome plenty of registrations and can be used as verses for numerous occasions.  In the original edition parts go back and forth from one stave to the other and sometimes are difficult to follow ; here they have been dealed again in a clear way, making the reading simple and comfortable.

    Præludium Primum
    Præludium Secundum
    Præludium Tertium
    Præludium Quartum
    Præludium Quintum
    Præludium Sextum
    Præludium Septimum
    Præludium Octavum
    Critical notes


The other volume by Fischer, the Ariadne Musica, is also available at Chanvrelin.  See in our catalogue : Fischer, Ariadne Musica or go straight to the detail of it.
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