{ J.C.F. Fischer : Ariadne Musica }
Johann Caspar Ferdinand
Ariadne Musica


 Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer :
Ariadne Musica
One volume 9½” × 13”
38 pages
Euros 39.-

J.C.F. Fischer (1656 † 1746) was Kappelmeister of the margrave of Baden and composed numerous works, a large part of which is lost.  From him two volumes for the organ are known : the Ariadne Musica and the Blumen Strauss (‘Bunch of flowers’).
This Ariadne Musica is a set of twenty Preludes and Fugues in merely evey key, impeccably written, simple to perform with a few held notes in the Pedals.  Only five keys overloaded with accidentals remain ignored.  Thus Fischer demonstrates the possibilities of the temperaments proposed by Werckmeister.  Forkel reported that Bach ‘enjoyed and studied’ Fischer's music.  In this very volume Bach picked up the idea of the Well-tempered clavier, and he paid tribute to his predecessor by reusing two fugue subjects.
Fischer added a second part with five Ricercares based on caracteristic chorales ; one of them was considered good enough to be ascribed, by mistake, to Bach (BWV 746).

    Præludium primum (C major)
    Præludium secundum (C# minor)
    Præludium tertium (D minor)
    Præludium quartum (D major)
    Præludium quintum (Eb major)
    Præludium sextum (‘4th tone’)
    Præludium septimum (E minor)
    Præludium octavum (E major)
    Præludium nonum (F minor)
    Præludium decimum (F major)
    Præludium undecimum (F# minor)
    Præludium duodecimum (G minor)
    Præludium decimum tertium (G major)
    Præludium decimum quartum (Ab major)
    Præludium decimum quintum (A minor)
    Præludium decimum sextum (A major)
    Præludium decimum septimum (Bb major)
    Præludium decimum octavum (B minor)
    Præludium decimum nonum (B major)
    Præludium vigesimum (C minor)
    Ricercar pro Tempore Adventus
    Ricercar pro Festis Natalitys
    Ricercar pro Tempore Quadragesima
    Ricercar pro Festis Paschalibus
    Ricercar pro Festis Pentecostalibus
    Critical notes


The other volume by Fischer, the Blumen Straus, is also available at Chanvrelin.  See in our catalogue : Fischer, Blumen Strauss or go straight to the detail of it.
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