{ D’Anglebert : Organ works }
Pièces pour orgue


 Jean-Henri D’Anglebert :
Complete organ works
One volume 9½” × 13”
18 pages
Euros 25.-

Mainly known as a brillant harpsichordist, D’Anglebert (1629 † 1691) held several official positions at the court of the king Louis XIV.  However he was also an organist, having in charge the organ of the Jacobins (Saint-Honoré street) in Paris.  His complete works for the organ, five magnificent Fugues over an unique subject and a true Quartet needing four keybords (as in Marchand, Guilain, Grigny) using motives from the Cunctipotens Kyrie, are hidden in his single Book of works for the Harpsichord.
Until now, one had then to get this very thick book, only available in expensive and heavy editions, to achieve discovering his organ works.  At last, here is their first complete issue, prepared from the original edition.  The text has been carefully checked, it comes with critical notes and an exhaustive foreword, and also with the famous Table of ornaments, one of the most comprehensive of this time, still directly used by Bach, Rameau or Balbastre.
D’Anglebert's organ, including the first Grosse Tierce 3 1/5 to be found in the French classical organ, is described in the foreword which shows the interest of that stop when playing these works.


1st Fugue
2nd Fugue
3rd Fugue
4th Fugue
5th Fugue
Critical notes

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