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 William Croft :
Thirteen Voluntaries
One volume 9½” × 13”
38 pages
Euros 38.-

William Croft (1678 † 1727), one of John Blow's most brilliant students, was organist of Westminster Abbey and Master of the Children at the Chapel Royal.  Mainly known for his magnificent anthems (one of them happens to be on the same theme as Bach's Triple Fugue in e flat) and for the “Burial Service” which is still used today for official celebrations, he also composed these thirteen Voluntaries which represent his complete works for the organ.  Croft is one of the last great names of the English school before the arrival of Haendel.
Using no pedals (the classical English organ does not have any, apart from one exception), these pieces are built on solid, well-drawn themes.  They call for the usual English registrations, including double solo stops.


Voluntary 1
Voluntary 2
Voluntary 3
Voluntary 4
Voluntary 5
Voluntary 6
Voluntary 7
Voluntary 8
Voluntary 9
Voluntary 10
Voluntary 11
Voluntary 12
Voluntary 13
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