Michel Corrette :
One volume 9½” × 13”
54 pages
Euros 39.-

The volume of Noels by Michel Corrette (1707 † 1795) fills an important socket in the history of the French Noel for organ.  Following those of Lebègue, Raison, both Dandrieu, it shows Noels organised for the first time in suites in one key (D minor, G major, A minor, C major), while using the fine and familiar tunes known by everybody.  Corrette makes his various processes from J.-Fr. Dandrieu, sometimes in the same Noel, and he invents others which in turn will be picked up by his followers, specially Balbastre.  Several Noels are a real success and rank among the best of their time.
The book includes three more Noels and a ‘Carillon’ (Chimes), a kind of piece created by par Louis Couperin and treated by many French organists.  Inside of it Corrette includes some unexpected ‘enharmonic passages’.


Suite I
   A la venue de Noël
   Joseph est bien marié
   Une jeune pucelle
   Noël provençal
Suite II
   Vous qui désirez sans fin
   Bon Joseph écoute-moi
   Un jour Dieu se résolut
   Tous les bourgeois de Chastres
Suite III
   Chantons je vous prie
   Voicy le jour solennel
   Je me suis levé
   Noël suisse
Suite IV
   Laissez paître vos bêtes
   Michaut qui causoit ce grand bruit
   Quoy ma voisine
   Ecoutez merveilles
   Où s’en vont ces gais bergers
   A minuit fut fait un réveil
   Critical Notes


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