{ L.-N. Clérambault : First Organ book }
Premier Livre d’Orgue


 Louis-Nicolas Clérambault :
First Organ book
One volume 9½” × 13”
36 pages
Euros 32.-

With the Organ book of Clérambault (1676 † 1749) the French organ moves away from the great style of king Louis XIV's time and tackles the pleasant period of the Régence and of king Louis XV.  Clérambault expanded his melodical abilities in his beautiful cantatas and works for violin, and his unique Organ book (as his unique Harpsichord book), written at the beginning of his brilliant carreer, already attests his tremendous skill.
Two original printings of Clérambault’s book had been issued, which show some differences.  This edition brings them out, and also the question of split stops which Clérambault talks about in his foreword.  It also restores some elements lacking in other editions, as the numerous ‘coulés de tierce’ and the signs for special ‘arpègements’.


First Tone
   Grand Plein-jeu
   Basse et Dessus de Trompette
       ou de Cornet séparé
   Récits de Cromorne et de Cornet
   Dialogue sur les Grands-Jeux
Second Tone
   Basse de Cromorne
   Récit de Nazard
   Caprice sur les Grands Jeux
Critical Notes

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