{ W. Boyce : Ten Voluntaries }
Dix Voluntaries pour orgue


 William Boyce :
Ten Voluntaries for the Organ
One volume 9½ × 13
34 pages
Euros 33.-

Boyce (1711 1779), one of the most interesting classical English musicians, was also one of the most famous in his time, celebrated by Burney.  Apart from his numerous works for voices and instruments, he wrote a volume of Voluntaries for the organ which stands as one of the best of the kind.  Following the tradition, they are made in two sections, the first in polyphony with three parts on a moderate tempo, and the second in various form, showing the different sounds of the organ : Trumpet, Cornet, Vox humana, Echo stops, etc.  The last four Voluntaries have a fuge as their second part, in Haendel's brilliant style.
The Pedals are never used.
Voluntary I (D major)
Voluntary II (G major)
Voluntary III (C major)
Voluntary IV (G minor)
Voluntary V (D major)
Voluntary VI (C major)
Voluntary VII (D minor)
Voluntary VIII (C major)
Voluntary IX (A minor)
Voluntary X (G major)
Critical Notes

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