{ Julius André : Organ works }
Douze pièces pour orgue


 Julius André :
Twelve organ works
One volume 9½” × 13”
34 pages
Euros 33.-

Julius André (1808 † 1880) was a member of the famous family of publishers who issued Mozart’s works.  He was organist in Francfort and specialized himself in teaching.  He wrote works for the piano, organ, voice, and pedagogic works. 
These Twelve organ works opus 16 are written with much expertise, in a solid but pleasant style, which makes one think of Schumann or Mendelssohn harmonies.  They have various characters and are easy to play.  Their duration is about two or three minutes.  They are intended for a small romantic organ (two manuals, or even one, and a Pedal with a 16’ Subass and a coupler will do quite all right), they show precise stops specifications which make a clever use of tones of this time (Gambas, Salicionals).

This is one of the very few volumes which illustrates romantic organ music of the middle of XIXth century, still not much known.
N°   1  (G major)
N°   2  (C minor)
N°   3  (E flat major)
N°   4  (D minor)
N°   5  (G major)
N°   6  (G minor)
N°   7  (E flat major)
N°   8  (E major)
N°   9  (A major)
N° 10  (F major)
N° 11  (E flat major)
N° 12  (D major)
Critical notes

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