{ Albrechtsberger }
Johann Georg
Douze fugues
opus 1


 Johann Georg Albrechtsberger :
Twelve fugues opus 1
One volume 10 × 12½
44 pages
Euros 35.-

After he handled several organ appointments, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (1736 1809) became Court organist in Vienna, then Kapellmeister of the Cathedral, due to the help of his friend Mozart.  His reputation as a contrapuntist was enormous and Beethoven, who came to learn with Haydn in Vienna, became his pupil too in 1794-1795.
With his opus 1 Albrechtsberger intended to establish his fame, and he gave the highest care to it.  These Twelve fugues, which tonalities follow the scale order from A to A, are simple to play and quite under the fingers, while they use every available possibility of counterpoint : strettos, augmentations, inversions, etc.  They make the traditional stops of the organ sounding spendidly. 
Until now, only one or two of these fugues have been reissued here and there in anthologies.  This is the first modern and complete edition of the full volume.
Fugue I
Fugue II
Fugue III
Fugue IV
Fugue V
Fugue VI
Fugue VII
Fugue VIII 3
Fugue IX
Fugue X
Fugue XI
Fugue XII
Critical notes

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